Potassium is necessary for maintaining a healthy nervous system, digestive system, heart, and healthy muscles. It keeps your blood pressure normal, enhances physical performance, maintains the right balance of water in fat and muscle tissue, and prevents excess fluid retention. The use of diuretics, some fad diets, drinking too much coffee or alcohol, consuming too much salt, and sweating a lot can all lead to potassium loss. It is recommended that you get at least 3.5g of potassium/day.

Luckily, there are plenty of vegan sources of potassium.
Good sources include:

  • bran cereal
  • prune juice/prunes
  • tomato juice
  • dark chocolate
  • blackstrap molasses
  • sunflower seeds
  • apricots
  • bananas
  • cantaloupe
  • honeydew melon
  • dried figs
  • mango
  • papaya
  • raisins
  • raw firm tofu
  • chick peas
  • beans
  • lentils
  • avocado
  • spinach
  • potatoes
  • sweet potatoes
  • pumpkin
  • winter squash
  • wheat germ
  • almonds

Getting too much potassium is quite rare, but can lead to kidney damage.

Symptoms of deficiency include mood swings, low blood pressure, fatigue, muscle weakness, muscle pain, and irregular heartbeat. Keep in mind that when you cook vegetables, it can deplete them of potassium and other nutrients.


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