Vegan Brandy Peach Parfait.  Photo by QuintanaRoo

Well you guys were totally awesome about telling me about your extraordinary packed lunches! Thanks for all the great ideas. I know, I know. I’M the one with the vegan blog. I should be the master of brilliant food ideas. But every “master” needs creative stimulation in order to thrive. And right now, I feel my creative well is running a bit dry. I’ll blame the busy schedule since it’s such an easy cop-out.

Speaking of busy, I’m in need of new, quick, wholesome, breakfast ideas. Something I can throw together every morning in very little time, that is both delicious and healthy. Something other than oatmeal, cereal, or a bagel. And something substantial enough get me through the morning. One idea I had was to just stock up on tofu and make tofu scrambles. But that can be time-consuming and it requires a decent amount of oil. My tummy doesn’t like too much oil. Especially in the morning. Does anyone know of a non-oily method of making a tofu scramble? These are days when I miss being vegetarian and having Egg Beaters with salsa every morning. So easy, proteiny, and low in calories. I wish there was a vegan version of Egg Beaters. Maybe I’ll invent them…

Another idea I had was to buy those big cartons of soy yogurt and make parfaits with granola and fruit. Or, if I can find vegan sausage links (the ones I’ve looked at all seem to have egg whites), I like to make pigs in a blanket. Take a sausage link and roll it up into a piece of lightly buttered toast (using vegetable butter, of course).

What do you guys think? Let’s get those creative juices flowing and inspire each other! Again!

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