Lately, I’ve been getting pretty bored with the raw food I’ve been making. And the last several recipes I’ve made were not to my liking. I was starting to feel pretty down about raw food. But I had heard there was a raw restaurant nearby, and last night I finally made the trek over there. I am soooo glad I did.

Omar’s Living Cuisine, located in the Sugarhouse district at 2148 South Highland Dr. in Salt Lake City, has the appearance of a “natural” cafe. The unpainted wood furniture and natural colors throughout the restaurant are comforting. Our waitress was very sweet and very dedicated to the raw lifestyle. She said she wasn’t even vegan or vegetarian prior to going raw. She ate meat and dairy and thought she was fairly healthy until she went to a raw seminar and was blown away. It took her about 2 years of gradually incorporating raw food into her diet and now she maintains about a 97% raw lifestyle and says she drinks alcohol occasionally. She also said working at Omar’s helped her with her raw diet because she has learned so much about raw food and they have a constantly changing menu so she gets to try many new recipes. One customer asked her what she recommended (you could tell he was unfamiliar with the raw diet) and she said, honestly, I can’t recommend anything because I love it all.

omarbroccoli.jpg omarnutburger.jpg omarfalafel.jpg


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