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We have a winner!!! Congratulations, May! Thanks to everyone who participated and for all the great suggestions. You guys rock!!

How would you feel about a free copy of the highly acclaimed, totally awesome book The China Study? BenBella Books gave me a couple free copies of this book and I’m gonna give one away! It’s a wonderful book about the importance of nutrition in health. It offers fantastic evidence as to why vegetable-based diets are best. And if you’ve read it already, pass it on to your critics– to those people that think you’re absolutely nutty for being vegan!

All you have to do is suggest to me the best place to get a nice, stylish, vegan coat. I’m talking about super cute coats that actually have some warmth to them. I’ve been searching high and low for such a place and I gotta say, this is tough! Plenty of places sell vegan shirts, shoes, and accessories. And some places, like alternativeoutfitters, sell a few very cute vegan coats that might be ok if you live in a milder climate. But if you face harsh winters, like me, and still want a cute coat that’s not wool, leather, fur, or makes you look like a fluffy marshmallow… it’s hard to find them! Well, it’s hard for me, anyway.

So, I’ll keep this contest going through the holidays. Just leave comments with your suggestions. If you have multiple suggestions, all the better! Ready? And… GO!!

10 Responses to “A Contest! A Contest!”

  1. Mary L. Says:

    Haven’t read this book yet. Would love a copy to read and then share. Thanks!

  2. Kristie Lynn Says:

    Hmm… I think even though I’ve gone vegan I will hold on to my non-vegan outerwear until it is worn out. But I’m at a loss for where you could get one. I’ll keep my eyes open though in case I see anything :)

  3. Jennifer P Says:

    If you are willing to make an investment, check out Vaute Couture (https://www.vautecouture.com/c-2-coats.aspx). I bought the style that benefits Farm Sanctuary in blue and I LOVE it. It’s super cute and super warm. They are vegan, eco-friendly and made for harsh winters.

  4. Kat Says:

    Have you tried etsy? Search vegan jackets, or coats, brings up a few. Or try the specific material you’re looking for, and you’ll find more :)

  5. Melissa Says:

    I totally understand! I live near Boston and we have pretty bad winters. I bought two new vegan winter coats this year from Marshalls. One is Jones NY and the other is Jessica Simpson. These are two labels that I don’t normally wear, but they were fashionable, warm, and inexpensive. And as long as you look put together, no one will know what labels you are wearing.

  6. Tanya Says:

    I love Gala Darlings blog (she is also a vegan) and she suggested searching Ebay for faux fur (in bright fun colors so its in no way a promo for fur…real or faux)!! There are tons of great faux fur coats in wild fun colors and patterns and they look great with a anti-fur button on them :) I wear a super cute faux fur coat during the winter when I wanna be warm and look extra snazzy!!

    Shipping on a big bulky item like a coat is gonna cost you a little extra…but its sooo worth it!

  7. Anjali Says:

    I have better! :) An entire blog about JUST that!

    The one from Tulle is freakin adorable!!

  8. Belinda Haning Says:

    Love your site!!

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